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My luxurious period… Puh-lease!

I think that I live a pretty luxurious life. A roof over my head, clothes on my back, and I have the disposable income to do the things I want when I want. Life is pretty grand.

I am more than happy to pay GST on the Michael Kors bag a forced my husband to buy me for my birthday because it is a luxury.

I am more than happy to pay the GST on my morning coffee from the cafe near work because it is not essential to my survival (although one could argue it was essential to my sanity).

I am more than happy to pay the GST on the snowboard rental and lift ticket for my day at Mt Buller this weekend because that trip is a luxury.

What isn’t a luxury is my period. Cramps suck! Feeling bloated sucks! And the government getting 10% of the sale price of tampons sucks!

For women to function successfully in society, tampons and pads are essential.

ESSENTIAL! That is the essence of the argument, that tampons and pads are not a luxury. There isn’t a way to abstain from your period. If, on your period, you do not use feminine hygiene products, you are not welcome to participate in society. To me, it is as simple as that.

I’m not a fan of the argument that ‘men’s products’ like condoms aren’t taxed. They are there for the benefit of both parties, not just for men. So let’s stop using that poor excuse for why tampons shouldn’t be taxed.

I’m sick of reading comments like ‘It’s only a couple cents per pack, deal with it’. For most women, it isn’t about the money at all, it is the principle. Women are being taxed on something they cannot control, and that only applies to women*. I also don’t want to hear any arguments about menstrual cups, yes you only have to buy them once, but they’re still taxed and it is SO NOT THE POINT!

Women provide a pretty amazing service to the world when they shoot tiny little people that they grew in their bellies out their hoo-has. Our periods, and the fact that only women can biologically give birth already puts as at a disadvantage to our male counterparts. For 5-7 days of the month (that’s 60-84 days of the year), women get the ‘luxury’ of battling cramps, mood swings and the never ending and uncontrollable river of blood. So the tampon, the one the government STILL taxes, really only puts a women back into the position where she can participate in society and she gets to pay an additional 10% for the privilege. PLEASE! *insert eye roll here*

This isn’t an anti-tax rant, I actually think that taxes play a really important role in our society, but if we are going to tax some things and not others, it is the policy makers responsibility to ensure that no one demographic is unfairly taxed because of their biology.


*I acknowledge that not everyone who menstruates identifies as a women, but for the simplicity of my argument I will refer to all who menstruate as women.

**These opinions are my own and not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer.

Image: Moxie Box Club


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