Happy anniversary… Coeliacs!

I’m celebrating the diagnosis that turned my world upside down with pasta and crepes! All gluten free of course.

Sometimes I think about the days when I didn’t have to monitor my diet and think about every little crumb that goes into my mouth. But then I remember how my body functioned when I ate gluten, and how much better I am at life by cutting gluten out of it.

The past year has been a whole lot of ups and downs. The downs SUCK! When you get to a restaurant which when you called or looked at online was going to be fine and you end up with a choice of salad or salad. It sucks! When you order the same meal that you ordered a week ago and they are all of a sudden saying it isn’t safe. It sucks! When the wait staff act like you are making their life impossibly difficult for fun. It sucks! When you accidentally consume gluten. It really, really sucks!

But it isn’t all bad. I have broadened my food horizons so much. I’ve tried new cuisines, new restaurants, new methods of cooking and products I would never have dreamed existed. I can’t tell you the excitement I get when I find a food I haven’t had in a year that is on my safe list.

It is the little things that make it easier. Like having friends which totally understand and go out of their way to make you food you can eat. It is finally getting the confidence to bake again (sans gluten) and the girls I’m baking for not even notice that I fed them gluten-free food. It is having a waiter come back to the table and let me know they checked with the kitchen and the toaster isn’t safe so they are going to cook my toast in baking paper in the oven. It is going to a restaurant expecting to have limited choices and being able to get anything off the menu.

Being coeliac is the toughest, most frustrating and mentally draining thing I have ever had to deal with in my life. It is constantly on my mind. Because the consequences of consuming gluten, for me, and not just an upset stomach and lethargy for a couple of days. Coeliacs disease is an autoimmune disorder and there is no cure (yet). If I could take a pill tomorrow that would make it go away, 100% yes. But if you asked me if I want to go back to my life before diagnosis, when I was constantly tired, hungry and in pain. No way Jose!


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