” Lucky in Love. Happy. Go get ’em Girl. Don’t forget to be awesome! Be the seagull.”

Recently I was asked, to sum up, my life in under 20 words. It gets a girl thinking. How do you sum up nearly 28 years into 20 words?

” Lucky in Love. Happy. Go get ’em Girl. Don’t forget to be awesome! Be the seagull”,

Lucky in Love. 


At 18 years old, I found the love of my life. How many people are lucky enough to say that? And if ‘young love’ wasn’t cliche enough, roll in ‘opposite attract’ and you will start to get the picture of my relationship.

I was a first year Arts student at LaTrobe University with short blue hair and a (let’s call it) unique style. He was about as straight-laced as they come, in his second year studying a double degree in Architecture and Building and Construction at Melbourne University.

To say I wasn’t who his friends and family expecting him to bring home would be an understatement. But thank golly for me that he did, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have met the other loves of my life…



I still remember the first day I met her. Our boyfriends introduced us at a party. By the end of the night, we knew we were going to be best friends. When we first met our other partner in crime, friendship was inevitable. We were keeping her. We were WAGS for life.



My last loves are those of the girls I wasted my teen years with. Those beautiful souls, whom I have shared so many memories I would sometimes rather forget. They continue to make my world.



Happy is sitting on a cold concrete seat at hockey, talking, laughing, smiling.

Happy is driving down the coast, nearly being car sick because of my husband’s secret desire to be a rally driver, but then crashing out at the beach (or in the case of Apollo Bay, inside as it is always cold and wet).

Happy is turning up to a job that I love every day.

Happy is having people to love, and people who love me.

Go get ’em, girl. 

Goals- I’ve got a few. I’ve also conquered a few.

12341384_10153748617811635_1270953796946197230_nI went about getting my Bachelor’s the long way, the VERY long way. 5 years of night school while working full time. I can honestly say it was the best 5 years of schooling I have ever done. I finally enjoyed learning. I was doing it for me, not because it was expected of me.

Hockey has always been a passion for me. With a family like mine, there was no chance of escaping it. And thankfully I embraced it, or I wouldn’t have met my husband or so many of my good friends. Things haven’t always gone the way I’d hope, but my love for the sport and for officiating allows me to constantly re-evaluate my goals and keep on achieving my dreams.


Don’t forget to be awesome. 

These 5 words have been constantly repeated to me for as long as I can remember. Don’t forget to be awesome! It is pretty hard not to believe that you can do anything when you have supporters like I do.

I still remember in high school when I had died my hair (was it purple or red or blue?), and I was told to return it to my ‘natural colour’ because it was distracting to other students. After an incredibly long rant about how ridiculous the school rules were, my parents wrote a note saying they couldn’t book me into the hairdresser for a week, just to prove a point.

Be the seagull. 

Unless you are me or my Mum, right now you are probably like, ‘ah, what?’. Be the seagull is my Mum’s way of telling me to ‘chill the f*** out!’. When things aren’t going the way you want, or when someone is frustrating you; be the seagull. Wait. Watch. Think. Be patient. Because she said ‘The patient seagull gets the chips’.

That still won’t make any sense unless you can appreciate just how fond of hot chips I am.

So that is me in 16 words. Lucky in love. Happy. Go get ’em, girl. Don’t forget to be awesome. Be the seagull. 





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